Medical Gas Unit

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Nowadays medical gas equipment is essential part of hospitals. Md is an Italian company that produce components and accessories for medical gas pipeline systems. Parsian Medical Co is the exclusive agent of md in Iran since 2016.

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Md products

  • The product families are as follows:
  • Area valve groups
  • Pressure reducers
  • Fixing pipe systems
  • Medical gasees terminal units
  • Terminal units
  • Probes
  • Alarms
  • Accessories
  • Piping
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Md quality

md has implemented a quality management system complying with EN ISO 13485. md can mark CE our products in compliance with Directive 93/42/CEE as medical devices.

Some of products are as follows:

Accessories for oxygen therapy and suction

  • Vacuum regulators
  • Humidifiers for flow meters for oxygen therapy
  • Flow meters for oxygen therapy
  • Microbiological filters
  • Low pressure hoses
  • Collection jars
collection jars md medical gas unit
alarm systems md medical gas uni

Alarm Systems

  • Digit Led display alarm module
  • Manifold system alarm module with touch screen display
  • “PRIMO” alarm monitoring system
  • High pressure switches
  • Vacuum switches
  • Area alarm
  • LCD display alarm module – panel-mounting version
  • Valve service status alarm
  • Modular manifold system alarm module
  • LCD display alarm modules – modular version
  • Bar graph viewers
  • Ward alarm module
  • Manifold system alarm modules with LED display


  • Cabinets for area shut-off valves
  • Cabinets for pipeline pressure regulators
  • Cabinets for ball valves
  • Cabinets for shut-off valves
cabinets md medical gas uni
vacuum control unit md medical gas unit

In – Line Pressure Regulators

  • Single line pressure regulators
  • Double line pressure regulators
  • Double line pressure regulators with integrated area valve
  • Vacuum control unit

Shut-off valves

  • Area shut-off valves
  • Shut-off ball valves
  • Area Valve Service Unit (AVSU)
  • Brackets for pipes holding
shut off valves md medical gas unit

Terminal units

  • Terminal units for anaesthetic gas scavenging-passive
  • Terminal units type UNI 9507
  • Terminal units type AFNOR NF S 90-116
  • Terminal units type BS 5682
  • Terminal units type DIN 13260-2
  • Terminal units for anaesthetic gas scavenging-active-venturi
  • Terminal units for Instrument air
  • AFNOR NF S 90-116 probes
  • BS 5682 probes
  • DIN 13260-2 probes
  • Probes for anaesthetic gas scavenging terminal units
  • NIST probes
  • UNI 9507 probes
  • Gas name rings for terminal units
  • Doublers for terminal units
  • Recessed installation systems for terminal units
  • Surface mount installation systems for terminal units
  • Duct installation systems for terminal units
terminal units md medical gas unit

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