Hospital Waste Incinerator

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ATI ENVIRONNEMENT designs and manufactures incinerators for waste treatment and filtration system.

We are specialized in treatment of hospital and industrial wastes.

All our installation respect the European Emission Regulation EC76/2000

We have 3,000 references in more than 60 countries through the world. We have a factory whose surface is 6000 m² with high performance machine

ATI was founded in 1930 by Maurice MULLER

Hospital Waste Incinerator ati - parsianmedical
3,000 references in more than 60 countries through the world.

We are constructor of Medical Waste Treatment Centers of Bahrain and Muscat (Oman). Jeddah Hazardous Waste Centre (Saudi Arabia), Medina Medical Waste Treatment Centre (Saudi Arabia) and Al-Ain Medical Waste Treatment Centre (U.A.E) are our latest realizations for hospital waste treatment and many others installations which respect all new European norms about atmospheric shoots.

ATI-ENVIRONNEMENT specializes in :

  • Incineration of all solid, liquid and gaseous wastes.
  • Energy recuperation for the heating product, electricity by steam or thermal flow.
  • Gas treatment after incineration through very high temperature of post-combustion.
  • Gas cleaning systems through wet or dry process in order to neutralize and filter out dust, chlorine, dioxins…
  • Thus helping to protect environment, respecting the European Emission Regulation EC76/2000.

Medical waste

The complete destruction of waste from healthcare by high temperature incineration, respecting The European incineration standard Directive EU 76/2000.

Waste from healthcare (Hospital , Clinics , etc.)

  • Infectious waste: laboratory cultures, waste from isolation wards, excreta, materials in contact with infected patient, waste suspected to contain pathogens.
  • Pathological waste: body parts, blood, fetuses, other body fluids, human tissues.
  • Sharps: needles, infusion sets, knives, blades, glass.
  • Pharmaceutical waste: expire bottles, boxes.
  • Genotoxic waste: cytostatic drugs, genotoxic chemical
  • Chemical waste: laboratory reagents, disinfectants.
  • Low-level radioactive waste: unused liquids from radiotherapy, glassware, absorbent paper, urine.
  • Materials used to prepare anti-cancer chemotherapy.
  • Out of date drugs and medicaments.
  • Waste from non-conventional transmissible agents (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy).
  • Contaminated animals

Industrial waste

The destruction and energetic upgrading of industrial waste made of plastic, tar, resins, paints textiles fabrics

  • Solid waste such as plastic (including PVC), rubber, boards, wood, paint.
  • Liquid waste such as phenolic wastewater, solvents, contaminated soils, sludge at a station or filter press outlet and all bitumen waste…
  • Gaseous waste such as volatile organic compounds at baking oven outlets…

Animal waste

Animal carcass is defined as all kinds of animal waste generated from farms, slaughterhouses, test laboratories, veterinary hospitals, zoos and others, also as pathological waste.

The cremation of animal carcasses such as dogs, cats, mice…

Incinerators model CP10
Incinerators model CP10

Incinerators model CP

ATI environnement (classification world health organization who) is the only one able to eliminate some typologies of hospital waste.

Clean technology to ensure the elimination of your waste without any atmospheric pollution and respecting European emission standards EC76/2000.

Series of incinerators model CP

Incinerator CP5

Hourly destruction
capacity from 3 to 5 Kg/h

incinerator CP10

Hourly destruction
capacity from 10 to 15 Kg/h

incinerator CP15

Hourly destruction
capacity from 15 to 20 Kg/h

Incinerator CP30

Hourly destruction
capacity from 30 to 40 Kg/h

Incinerator CP50

Hourly destruction
capacity from 50 to 60 Kg/h

Incinerator CP80

Hourly destruction
capacity from 70 to 80 Kg/h

Incinerator CP100

Hourly destruction
capacity from 100 to 120 Kg/h

Our equipments

Allow all waste from health care related activities with risk of infection to be eliminated definitively, especially:

  • materials Used To Prepare Anti-Cancer Chemotherapy,
  • out of date drugs,
  • anatomic parts,
  • waste from non-conventional,
  • Transmissible agents (bovine – Spongiform encephalopathy…),
  • Liquid waste (blood…),
  • bodily fluids,
  • disinfection liquid,
  • Contaminated animals.

Reliability of the know-how with 3000 installations through the World.
Fully automatic cycle, which does not require the presence of Employee.


  • Total and definitive destruction of germs 
  • A reduction in volume of 98%
  • A reduction in weight of 90%


  • No odor
  • No fume
  • No liquid 
  • Definitive treatment of waste

Mobile incinerators

Mobile Incinerators in container for hospital, animal and industrial waste.

  • With full equipment
  • Easy moving
  • Competitive price
  • Respecting environment
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Autonomous resistant
  • Total waste disposal

Range mobile incinerator

Mobile incinerator CP30M

Hourly destruction capacity from 30 to 40 Kg/h

Mobile incinerator CP50M

Hourly destruction capacity from 50 to 60 Kg/h

Mobile incinerator CP80M

Hourly destruction capacity from 70 to 80 Kg/h

Mobile incinerator CP100M

Hourly destruction capacity from 100 to 120 Kg/h

Mobile incinerator HP500M

Hourly destruction capacity : 150 Kg/h

Incinerators model HP

With a 80-year track record, the ATI ENVIRONNEMENT Company is fully confident in its technology that is based on strong R & D and innovative products catering for over 3000 customers world-wide.

The latest ATI incinerators (classification World Health Organization – WHO) are the only systems able to eliminated some highly infective IMWs which other processes cannot destroy.

incinerators model HP-parsianmedicl

Range HP incinerator

Incinerator HP500

Hourly destruction
capacity 150 Kg/h

Incinerator HP750

Hourly destruction
capacity 200 Kg/h

Incinerator HP1000

Hourly destruction
capacity 250 Kg/h

Incinerator HP1250

Hourly destruction
capacity 350 Kg/h

Incinerator HP1500

Hourly destruction
capacity 500 Kg/h

Incinerator HP1750

Hourly destruction
capacity 750 Kg/h

Incinerator HP2000

Hourly destruction
capacity 1000 Kg/h

Benefits of incineration

Our equipment allows all waste from health care related activities with a risk of infection to be eliminated definitively, especially :

  • Materials used to prepare anti-cancer chemotherapy
  • Out of date drugs
  • Anatomic parts
  • Waste from Non-Conventional Transmissible Agents (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, etc.)
  • Liquid waste (blood, etc.)
  • Body fluids
  • Disinfection liquids
  • Contaminated animals


  • Total and definitive destruction of germs 
  • A reduction in volume of 98%
  • A reduction in weight of 90%


  • No odor
  • No fume
  • No liquid 
  • Definitive treatment of waste

Rotary kilns

ATI ENVIRONNEMENT undertakes into sustainable development by proposing installation with renewable energy to generate steam, hot water, thermal oil or electricity.

Our filtration systems guarantee an installation with new European Emission Standards, the most severe in the world – Directive CE 76/2000.

rotary kilns incinerator-parsianmedicl

We propose you

  • A range of rotary kiln with a capacity of destruction from 600 to 3000 kg / hour and thermal power from 2500 to 12000 kW per hour.
  • A clean technology permitting a continuous movement of the primary combustion chamber. It guarantees a perfect combustion thanks to a permanent turning and mixing of the waste, so that the mixture is continually homogenized.
  • Guarantee a optimal elimination regardless of moisture level, composition or compactness of waste.
  • Treatment of all kind of hospital waste by high temperature incineration (1000 to 1200°C) with full destruction of waste such as syringes, bandages, cotton, dialysis, Anatomical pieces, new viruses as ESB, Creutzfeldt -Jacobs diseases, contaminated blood, medicines, toxic waste, cytotoxic, dangerous, chemotherapy…

Main applications

  • Hospital waste
  • Industrial waste (solid, sludge, liquid…)
  • Domestic waste
  • Sludge from treatment stations
  • Slaughter house waste
  • Animal carcasses
Model Heating capacity (kW) Incineration capacity (kg/h) Energy recuperation (kW)
FRCD 250 2500 625 1500
FRCD 350 3500 875 2100
FRCD 400 4000 1000 2600
FRCD 600 6000 1500 3600
FRCD 700 7000 1750 4200
FRCD 800 8000 2000 4800
FRCD 900 9000 2250 5400
FRCD 1000 10000 2500 6000
FRCD 1150 11500 2875 6900

Parsian Medical is exclusive agent of ATI ENVIRONNEMENT since 2008.

Our installed references in IRAN is :

No. Reference Name Model Year
1. Cinagen Pharmaceutical Co. CP30 2010
2. Abidi Pharmaceutical Co. CP30 2011
3. Tehran Refinary Co. HP1000 2012
4. Rahpoyan Saleh Co. 5Lines of HP1000 , 1 line of CP100M 2014

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