The Pneumatic Tube System (PTS)

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The Pneumatic Tube System Designing

Parsian Medical Co is the exclusive agent of Aerocom in Iran since 2010. the Pneumatic Tube System (PTS)includes the network of tubes and receiving-sending stations. The system is used to moving the equipment, samples, Paperwork, records which works with the Compressed air force. PTS is used in the various branch as like Industry (Oil refineries and oil platforms), library, Hospitals, Banks, Big stores, Gas stations, Nuclear Research Centers and etc.

How does PTS work?

The base of pneumatic tube system is air vacuum. The main components of the system are the blower that is for making air. Tubes are for connecting network of stations. Diverters are for changing the line between zones and stations.

For example, you want to send a carrier from station number 3 to station number 83. Just enough you choose a station number on the keypad or touchscreen then the carrier will send quickly to the target. The speed of the carrier on the tube is 6 meter per second. You can control the speed of carrier in the tube and reduce that. If you press the icon like a turtle. The speed of the carrier reduces to half of the speed. We use several zones for increasing the speed. Each blower is for a zone.

Special Feature the Pneumatic Tube System
Pneumatic tube system in hospita

Special Feature

For a big project, we have a strong option for moving the samples. Imagine you have more than 50 stations in the hospital. So you need more speed than the usual project. The linear coupler is a robot that has a good ability to changing line. The function of the linear coupler is completely smart and fast.

Pneumatic tube system in hospital

Nowadays in all industries, staff shortage, speed, and cost are important factors, especially in the hospital. We have an alternative to solve these problems. The solution to reducing staff and working fine. PTS helps to reduce user errors and cost. In the hospital, we need a quick and accurate transfer. For example blood samples, medicines, documents, and etc. the pneumatic tube system can be just the solution to a hospital’s growing challenges and need for improved efficiency.

Pneumatic tube system tube pts سیستم حمل و نقل پنیوماتیکی
Pneumatic tube system in hospital

In addition to relieving vital staff members of the routine transport of lab samples and medications, pneumatic tube systems deliver these items in a fraction of the time. Perhaps even more important than increased efficiency is the fact that critical samples and medications reach their destination in seconds vs. minutes. The PTS can connect all department together in all area of the hospital even separator building.

The Pneumatic Tube System components

A pneumatic tube system consists of several main components:

station component Pneumatic tube system pts سیستم حمل و نقل نیوماتیکی


Send and receive the carriers is the duty of the statins. This system is very user-friendly and working with the system is very easy. Just select the destination number only after that the carrier will send automatically. There are several kinds of the station. For the special department, there is a station. For example, in the laboratory we have used the multi-load and multi receive station.

Tubes componen Pneumatic tube system - parsianmedical

The tubes

In this system, there are kinds of tube. Gray, transparent, and underground tube. We use the gray tube for under false ceiling. The transparent tubes use in visible locations like the lobby of hospitals. Underground tubes use for connecting buildings to each other. There are several sizes of tubes from 60mm to 300mm.

drivers componen Pneumatic tube system pts سیستم حمل و نقل نیوماتیکی


At the first, what is the diverter? Imagine you are in the Metro. There are several trains in the lines at the moment. In an area, these trains need to change the line. The diverter has this duty. Diverters changes lines between zones. We have 3 model of diverter those are 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way diverter.

carriers componen Pneumatic tube system


The capsule for carrying the sample involves various size from 60mm to 300 mm. for carrying the liquid samples we are used leak proof carriers that Preventing leakage of liquids.

blower- componen Pneumatic tube system


For making the air we use a centrifugal blower that works in two modes. Suction and pressure.

Parsian Medical Co is an agent of Aerocom in Iran since 2011. In these years we have been able to install and implement several projects in Iran and various country around Iran. Parsian Medical Co with professional team is ready for develop your hospital. all equipment made in Germany and have produced in Aerocom Co.

The list of project installed by Parsian Medical Co

ProjectsQuantity of zonesQuantity of StationsLocationDate of installation
Farhikhtegan Hospital228TehranSince 2011
Qaem Hospital112RashtSince 2012
Shomal-e-Amol Hospital226AmolSince 2013
Takht-e-Jamshid Hospital228KarajSince 2013

Amiralmomenin Hospital

Amiralmomenin Hospital

PTS of Amiralmomenin hospital (130 Beds) has an area of 24,000 square meters in 5 floors was inaugurated in 2015. This hospital has two zones with 25 stations. The average of sending and receiving is 700 pcs a day The length of the tube were used in this project is 260 meters.

225ShirazSince 2015
Milad Hospital227IsfahanSince 2016
Noor Hospital19ShahriyarSince 2016
Heshmatiye Hospital221SabzevarSince 2016
Omid Hospital223TehranSince 2016
Aftab Hospital218TehranConstruction
Sina Hospital212SemnanConstruction
Mam Infertility treatment clinic112TehranConstruction
East Hospital212TehranConstruction
Hospital112Basra, IraqSince 2016
Milad Hospital229UromiaConstruction
Pars Hospital226ZahedanConstruction
Khorasan Steel Complex14NeyshaborSince 2016
Emam Reza Hospital351MashhadSince 2017
NCI14Karachi, PakistanSince 2017
Praava Clinic15Dhaka, BangladeshSince 2017
Peshawar Burn and Trauma Center19Peshawar, PakistanSince 2018
Peyvand Laboratory15TehranSince 2018

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