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TLV Healthcare ( Bed Head Units & Pendants )

1400 709 parsian medical

Parsian Medical Co is the exclusive agent of TLV Healthcare in Iran since 2012. The list of the hospitals that Parsian Medical co has installed in Iran are explained as follow: Farhikhtegan Hospital…

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Hospital Waste Incinerator

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md medical gas unit

Medical Gas Unit

600 471 parsian medical

Nowadays medical gas equipment is essential part of hospitals. Md is an Italian company that produce components and accessories for medical gas pipeline systems. Parsian Medical Co is the exclusive…

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OEM Modules

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ACCUDIS908 ( Vital Signs Monitor )

150 150 parsian medical
accucap901 digital capnography monitoring

ACCUCAP901 ( Capnography )

581 452 parsian medical

Mainstream / Microstream Capnography Monitoring Continues Monitoring of EtCO2, Respiration Rate and FiCO2 Real Time CO2 Waveform High Accuracy and Stability The Most Efficient Capnography System for Neonates In Comply…

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handoxy701 digital pulseoximeter

HANDOXY701 ( Digital Pulseoximeter )

547 519 parsian medical

Digital Portable Pulseoximeter for use in:  Emergency Units, Car, Air and Ship Ambulances  Surgical Rooms, Radiology Centers  Recovery Rooms  Critical Care units, ICU, NICU, CCU, RCU  Dental Centers  Home Care…

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ABADIS907 ( Digital Pulseoximeter )

600 488 parsian medical

Digital Pulseoximeter Including: Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Pulse Rate (PR) Plethysmograph Waveform Perfusion Index (PI) Temperature High Accuracy and Precision of Parameters on Low Perfusion Condition Setting for all Patient Type: Adult…

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Service Training Center perspective comp-pts Pneumatic Tube System

The Pneumatic Tube System (PTS)

1024 682 parsian medical

Parsian Medical Co is the exclusive agent of Aerocom in Iran since 2010. the Pneumatic Tube System (PTS)includes the network of tubes and receiving-sending stations. The system is used to moving the equipment, samples, Paperwork,…

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